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The Charity Campaign Ends


The charity campaign of the 4th edition of 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge was closed. The total amount raised at this first round amounts to Eur 27, 375. The next round represent corporate matching for a part of the funds which will be announced. We will publish the progress reports of the charity projects supported by you.

We would like to thank all our donors,  sponsors and partners.  Wish you all good for the upcoming Christmas and a growing New Year.

1000Balkan Team

1050km – 2 countries – 1 race

Yesterday was the last day of the 4th edition of the 1000Balkan Charity Challenge. After 61km in Romania we finished at around 6:00pm.

The pilgrimage is over.
– We biked and ran dozens of thousands of kilometers.
– We created fraternity.
– We adopted a running stray dog.
– We experienced intensely and learned a lot.

To name just few of the lessons drawn:

1) at least 2 times a year we need a retreat from our everyday triviality and rhythm so that we can clean our mind, meet new people, experience new things and gain fresh perspectives on the world and our role in it;

2) peak achievement needs, peak attitude, peak preparation and support;

3) collective spirit is extremely powerful if relations dynamics are based on respect, goodwill, empathy and cooperation;

4) Inspiration can be gained everywhere, you just have to keep your senses clean and open. THIS IS WHAT 1000Balkan is about!

We raised EUR 22,500k so far, for 15 charity causes in Romania and Bulgaria.

We have provided to you our story in words and pictures. If you have been inspired, you can support us on Our charity campaign will close on 20 November.

We will announce the next anniversary 5th edition of 1000Balkan soon. Stay tuned :)

Wish you love, peace and beauty

Last day schedule

We’ve put many miles behind since this whole challenge started and so, with ups and downs, struggle and joy, nevertheless tomorrow, 10th of November, is the last running day. We’ve come a long way ’till here and it’s such a pleasure to invite you all to come and join us in the last day of our adventure!

Please see below a few points where we can meet:

7.45 – Starting from Daia (before a bridge)
15:00/15:30 – ETA at the enter of Bucharest (Sos. Giurgiului)
16:16/30 – ETA at Universitate – Intercontinental
17:00 – ETA at Unicredit Office Building – Bd Expozitiei 1F

If there will be any changes we will update you on our Facebook page during the last day.

See you there!

Day 7-8

It’s been already a week since we are on the road and the day seven was the longest running day (67km), starting in Zlatna Panega and having the finish in Pleven. Claudiu, the only super human left in the race, along with Hiroko, Iulian and Victor managed to reach Pleven at 17:30, finishing the longest running stage. It’s been a pleasure for all of to have our friend, Ilie Rosu, who joined the group and ran with four flags.

Continue reading »

Day 5-6

The first two days of running have gone and were a real challenge for all the runners as they faced the Bulgarian slopes. Some of the runners joined the group in Sofia for covering the whole distance (420km in 7 days), some of them are running different stages, but there is a special category called Super Human in which the competitors cover the entire biking and running distance (1050km).

Continue reading »

Day 3-4

After 4 days, 640km of cycling and more than 20.000 calories burnt, the Balkan challengers have reached Sofia. The last two days were seriously demanding for everyone, the competitors fighting with Bulgarian slopes, as the difference in altitude was more than 3000m.

As both the organizer and participant at this event, Stan, said:

“The bikers finished their journey in the center of Sofia, escorted by police cars…not that they have done something against the law! 😀

We were met by friends from the running and biking societies, people from all supported foundations in Bulgaria, UniCredit and media.

Miltikulti have prepared a cold buffet with yummy exotic food. Dechitsa Foundation brought us raw food sweets prepared by the children beneficiaries – touching and delicious.

Bikers are going home, runners are taking over the shift. Lots of friendship among great athletes and people. It reminds me of the magic of the old times camps.

Please wish us strong legs for the next 7 days.
Do not forget to support our causes on


What is next? The road back to Bucharest of course: 420km of running in 7 days, an average of 60km per day. Stay tuned for the news and encourage the competitors by supporting their chosen charities.

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Day 1-2

The participants at the 1000km Balkan Charity Challenge are progressing on their journey. After 360km they’ve reached today the Bulgarian-Romanian border in Calafat, and tomorrow they will enter in Bulgaria, continuing their adventure to Sofia. Up until today the terrain has been almost flat, but starting tomorrow they’ll fight against the Bulgarian hills. The weather was sunny yet chilly in the mornings but the good mood has been in the air all day and the whole team is enjoying this wonderful adventure.

“We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of you who’ve been giving us the necessary motivation of pushing hard the pedals and crossing our limits, by donating for the charities we support. We’ve reached almost 5500 euros and we thank you for that! We promise we won’t stop until we will have crossed the finish line, in Bucharest, after 1050km of cycling / running.”

You can check out the charities we support this year here

And the list of our brave Balkaniards here

Instructions for donating to Bulgarian causes

If you want to donate to Bulgarian projects and you have trouble donating, please see the instructions below: Continue reading »


5th edition: 28 OCT -08 NOV 2016

   left until 2016 edition!

Online Donations:


Raised so far



Last donations:

name Challenger amount
Dori Balcheva Anny Velikova 50 Bgn
Dori Balcheva Kalin Ivancev 100 Bgn
Hristo Chernev Anny Velikova 10 Bgn
Hristo Chernev Valentin Velikov 100 Bgn
Ortansa David Radu Preda 100 Ron

Donations deadline: November 20th

After this date donations on the fundraising pages will not be possible any more!

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