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1000km Balkan Charity Challenge – 2nd edition (1 – 11 November 2013)

Hello friends, philanthropists, challengers and all you who love life,

The second edition of the 1000km Balkan Charity Challenge is fixed for the period from 1st to 11th November 2013.


After the success of the 1st edition in 2012 and the many positive inputs we the organizers decided to go ahead and beyond turning this unique event into tradition. The inauguration event last year exceeded its expectations:

  • Over EUR 24,000 were raised through private and corporate contributions for 16 social and environmental causes in Romania and Bulgaria thus making our world a bit more united and balanced.
  • More than 100 people participated running and biking over 13,000 kilometers cumulatively supporting a healthy life style as a constructive alternative of life focus of attention. The media coverage of the event in both countries was very high.
  • An unique ‘challenge’ format was applied for this geographical area, including near 1000km route of biking near 150km a day and running near 60km a day for an uninterrupted period of 10 days, an ultimate test of physical endurance and will power.
  • This was a real cross country event connecting the neighboring Romania and Bulgaria. Danube River and the Balkan mountains were crossed two times. There people from 5 nationalities making it an international event.
  • The ecological thinking and behaviour was illustrated by planting of more than 20 unique and endangered trees – Ginko Biloba and Meta Sequoya – at the end of each daily phase.
  • Last but not least this was an event providing sense of authentic personal freedom and motivation.

What is new in this year edition?

  • The time is extended by one day to 11 days to cover the extended route. The start is on 1st November (Fri) at 7.00 am in Bucharest and the finish in Bucharest again is set on 11th November 2013 (Mon) at around 5.30 pm. The time to be spent in Romania will be 4 days and in Bulgaria 7 days.
  • The route is increased by 150km up to 1000km nominally with different sub-routes in the two directions, including:
    • 1st part – 4 days biking of near 590km nominally in total (~150km a day), starting in Bucharest via Giurgiu and further on Romanian territory crossing Danube River at the newly opened Calafat-Vidin bridge on the 3rd day, reaching Sofia at the end of Day 4.
    • 2nd part – 7 days running of 420km nominally in total (~60km a day) crossing Danube at Ruse – Giurgiu bridge on the 10th day and reaching Bucharest at the end of the Day 11.
  • The disciplines which you can sign up for are:
    • Super human – full 1000km race in 11 days – up to 15 places
    • Ultra Bikeman – 590km in 4 days – up to 25 places
    • Ultra Runman – 420km in 7 days – up to 25 places
    • Bikeman / or Runman – single day registration – up to 10 places for all days different than the ones before and/or after Bucharest or Sofia.
    • Bikeman / or Runman – single day registration for the days before and/or after Bucharest or Sofia – up to 50 places.
  • We will do our best to provide an adequate logistical, medical and technical support of the event.
  • There will be medals and branded technical gear for those participating for minimum 2 days in the event as active participants.

What is not changed is:

  • The official web-site of the event is where all important information about the event will be posted.
  • The format and the targets of the event remain the same:
    • Non-competitive charity event
    • Healthy life style promotion
    • Ecological thinking and behavior promotion
    • Connecting people and connecting neighboring Romania and Bulgaria
    • Arranging a real ‘challenge’ format testing human body, mind and spirit for those daring to sign up
  • There will specific causes to be supported by fundraising. Hospice Casa Sperantei in Romania and Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation in Bulgaria will be the main NGO partners.
  • Good logistical, technical and medical support, including passionate and unsparing volunteers. Refreshment, energy drinks, water and food as well transportation during the race day will be provided for free.
  • Pain is guaranteed as well as unforgettable moments, sharing, friendship and sense of freedom. If you are strong, smart, disciplined, dedicated and … a bit lucky you could make it and thus register one of the greatest achievements in your life.


Services, registration and fees:

  • The full set services to be provided will be announced until end of September at the latest, including the related daily costs for the participants. Dependent on the amount of sponsorship to be collected the respective amount could vary and the excess amount will be used for charity top up. Of course, we will do our best to make you secure and well cared of.
  • Each registered participant will have an individual page to send messages and fund raise
  • The registration shall be done now in the registration form posted on the web site. Think twice before confirming your registration! You shall be in a very good health condition and sportive shape to attend. Yet you still have time to prepare.
  • The registration fee is:
    • Super human – EUR 75 (or RON 340 or BGN 150)
    • Ultra Bikeman – EUR 50 (or RON 225 or BGN 100)
    • Ultra Runman – EUR 50 (or RON 225 or BGN 100)
    • Bikeman / or Runman – EUR 15 (or RON 40 or BGN 15) for each day if requiring special support from the organizers.

More information and details will be posted on the web site and the Facebook page of the event.

Tania Georgieva and Stan Georgiev, organizers
mobiles: +40.731.123.320 or +40.730.888.770 or +359.894.539.998

Interest form

Untill we open the oficial registration forms you can express your interest to participate using the below form. Person that fill this form will have priority when opening the registrations.


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5th edition: 29 OCT - 08 NOV 2016

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