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5th edition is behind – 11 days on the road, 1050km

Nov 9, 2016
Ilko Vakarelov

5th edition is behind us with 11 days on the road, 1050km, lots of energy gels, isostar recovery powder, Ice Power creams and hundreds of littres of water on our account. We planted 10 ginkgo biloba trees on different places in Romania and Bulgaria. We raised over Europe 12k including commitments.

Congratulations to Hiroko, Irina and Iulian for doing the whole 420km running part. I am happy and grateful to be able to do the whole 1050km distance for 4th time. Congratulations to all bikers and runners who joined us on the way.

Many people helped us in this journey- Victor, Radu, Kalin, Tania, Alex, Cristi, Luminita, Dori and Peter and many others. Our sponsors made it possible.

Now is time to recover and be with our closest ones….but until 20 November we will continue the fund raising. If you admire what we did…Pls donate.

Be, think and do good
Stanislav Georgiev (Stan)

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5th edition: 29 OCT - 08 NOV 2016

   left until 2016 edition!

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