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Nov 9, 2016
Ilko Vakarelov

5th edition is behind – 11 days on the road, 1050km

5th edition is behind us with 11 days on the road, 1050km, lots of energy gels, isostar recovery powder, Ice Power creams and hundreds of littres of water on our account. We planted 10 ginkgo biloba trees on different places in Romania and Bulgaria. We raised over Europe 12k including commitments.

Congratulations to Hiroko, Irina and Iulian for doing the whole 420km running part. I am happy and grateful to be able to do the whole 1050km distance for 4th time. Congratulations to all bikers and runners who joined us on the way.

Many people helped us in this journey- Victor, Radu, Kalin, Tania, Alex, Cristi, Luminita, Dori and Peter and many others. Our sponsors made it possible.

Now is time to recover and be with our closest ones….but until 20 November we will continue the fund raising. If you admire what we did…Pls donate.

Be, think and do good
Stanislav Georgiev (Stan)

Nov 7, 2016
Ilko Vakarelov

Sofia – Bucharest, 2016

Text: Stanislav Georgiev, Photos: Radu Cristi

5th day was the first running day starting from Sofia. 56km in the Balkan mountains crossing Vitinya passage. Different muscles and new friends in the team.

6th day days are behind us. 60 hilly kilometres in which we crossed the Balkan mountains. It starts getting tough yet we finished the last 10k with some 6.00 – 6.10 min/km on average. Tomorrow is the longest running day with 68km finishing in my home town Pleven.
We already have over 100 donations for which we thank the donors wholeheartedly and encourage our friends, colleagues and people who like and admire what we do to join and support.

7th day of the race was the longest running day, 67km hilly road to Pleven and 182km of run and 642km of biking in total so far. Ankles and knees start revolting. We address this by changing shoes, taking massage with sports creams, changing running style and of course resting and of course lots of spirit.
We are happy to see your encouragement by liking our pictures and posts but most of all seeing your donations growing. THANK YOU!

8th day of 11 done. 240km running of 420km completed. Friends from the Pleven sports society, Romanian runners from Elite running club and Slavi Nestorov from the biking part joined us today. Hills, hills, hills.
Now tired. Preparing for another some 60 hilly kilometres tomorrow.
Be with us.
Look for creative ways to avoid falling into the pit of the day-to-day triviality.
…and Pls support our causes. That is why we are doing it.

9th day done. The hilliest one with 670m vertical altitude difference. We already did 300km running in 5 days. Knees, ankles and muscles hurt. But spirit is high.
2 days and 125km to go. Tomorrow we will pass through RUSE and will cross the border with Romania. We invite the runners from RUSE to join us and have run together.

10 days on the road. Today we run 60km and entered Romania. Weather changed fast like woman’s mood (by experience) – warm, cold, windy, rainy, sunny. The best part was the crossing of the Danube bridge.
Tomorrow is the last day of this hard challenge and beautiful relationship to nature and great people. 62km to Bucharest. Friends will join us from Daia.

Nov 2, 2016
Ilko Vakarelov

Участниците в петия благотворителен ултрамаратон „1000 Balkan Charity Challenge“ ще посадят гинко билоба в градинката пред Народния театър

На 1 ноември 2016, участниците в петия благотворителен ултрамаратон „1000 Balkan Charity Challenge“ ще посадят гинко билоба в градинката пред Народния театър. Те пристигнаха в столицата днес, малко след 15.00 часа, на площад Света Неделя, където бяха посрещани от приятели и поддръжници на двете български каузи на маратона – МултиКулти и Фондация “Дечица”.

За пета година благотворителен партньор на събитието е българската Фондация BCause (доскоро „Помощ за благотворителността в България“).

Маратонците са от различни националности – българи, румънци, японка, холандец, и са обединени от общи ценности. Те преминават 1050-колиметровото трасе с благотворителна цел – привличат дарения за 7 благотворителни каузи, популяризират спорта на открито и екологосъобразния начин на живот и засаждат застрашени дървесни видове по пътя си. Техен поддръжник е Васил Дъбов – „човекът, който сади гинко“. Continue reading »

Oct 29, 2016
Ilko Vakarelov

Bucharest – Sofia, 2016

Day 1 – more then 190 km on the bike. We challenge ourselves because our strong motivation is to support important social causes from Romania and Bulgaria.Each participant is an ambasador and they are commited to raise at least 150 EURO for the project he/she supports.
Images and text: Radu Cristi

Oct 19, 2016
Ilko Vakarelov

Calendar of the Event

The calendar of this year edition of 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge is as follows:
  • 29 Oct biking: start at 7.30 from Bucharest, Expozitiei 1, in front of UniCredit Bank head office – 195km to Turnu Magurele
  • 30 Oct biking: 174km – Turnu Magurele to Calafat
  • 31 Oct biking: 156km – Calafat – Vratsa
  • 1 Nov biking: 120km – Vratsa – Sofia – arrival at Sveta Nedelya sq. at around 15.00
  • 2 Nov running: start at 8.00 at Sveta Nedelya sq. from Sofia to Botevgrad
  • 3 Nov running: 62km – Botevgrad – Zlatna Panega
  • 4 Nov running: 67km – Zlatna Panega – Pleven
  • 5 Nov running: 55km – Pleven – Ovcha Mogila
  • 6 Nov running: 59km – Ovcha Mogila – Baykal restaurant (between Byala and Ruse)
  • 7 Nov running: 59km – Baykal restaurant – Daia (Ro)
  • 8 Nov running: 61km – Daia (start at 8.00) – Bucharest (approximate arrival time 16.30 at Expozitiei 1)
More on the course can be seen on . The small discrepancies in the milege is due to the effective vs Google map measurement difference.

5th edition: 29 OCT - 08 NOV 2016

   left until 2016 edition!

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Melon Inc Valentin Velikov 1020 Bgn
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Eyes-Open Eyes-Open Valentin Velikov 200 Bgn
Eyes-Open Eyes-Open Stanimira Georgieva (Tania) 200 Bgn
Eyes-Open SRL Eyes-Open SRL Stanislav Georgiev 1000 Ron

Donations deadline: November 20th

After this date donations on the fundraising pages will not be possible any more!

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