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The 5th edition of 1000km Balkan Charity Challenge starts on 29 October 2016

  • 1000km Balkan Charity Challenge is a sports conceptual charity event. For a fifth year in a row its participants will bike and run 1050km in Romania and Bulgaria from 29 October until 8 November.
  • It is a powerful charity vehicle offering a fund raising platform to 7 social projects in both countries. It promotes outdoor sports activity as a healthy life style alternative and active ecological behavior planting unique trees along the road.
  • HOSPICE Casa Sperantei and Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation are the hosting foundations again. UniCredit, Euroins and Spetema caffe are the main sponsors.

The goals of the event are:

      a. To promote outdoor sports activity as an alternative of a healthy life style
      b. To boost charity culture. Its web site hosts a charity platform raising funds for 5 projects in Romania and 2 in Bulgaria.
      c. To promote cooperation not confrontation putting together people from different countries in a an 11-day real challenge.
      d. To develop environmental consciousness planting unique critically endangered trees along the road
      e. To provide opportunity for testing the limits of human body, mind and spirit.

1000Balkan is a unique challenge and adventure. The course covers 1050km in Romania and Bulgaria crossing two times the Danube and the Balkan mountain using different routes. The total positive altitude difference is 3500m. The participants will bike 4 days (160km/day) and run 7 days (60km/day). The start is on 29 October, at 7.30am, in Bucharest, where is also the finish on 8 November, around 4.00pm. The group will reach the center of Sofia at around 4.00pm on 1 November and will start off to Bucharest at the same place on 2 November at 8.00am.
Everybody can join the participants on their way, biking or running with them for a certain distance which they feel comfortable with. The number of participants are usually highest close to Bucharest and Sofia.

1000 Balkan is a powerful charity platform raising over EUR 150k so far for dozens of social projects in both countries. It has got numerous public recognitions as social impact event. Each participant and volunteer is fund raiser committing on a minimum target of EUR 150. Private individuals and companies are encouraged to donate to one of the 7 carefully selected humanitarian projects. Donations can be made easily and in secured way using the e-payment engine on the official web site of the event or on the account of the foundations indicating “1000Balkan” in the payment info line.

Pictures, clips and regular accounts of accounts will be posted each day.

The event is organized by Eyes-Open, Begach Running Club and Elite Running Association. The main sponsors are UniCredit Bank, UniCredit Bulbank, EuroIns and Spetema. The event is also supported by UniCredit Leasing, IsoStar, CityGrill, Aventuria, Gingk.Org, Diplomat Plaza, Djili Soy, Stanimira Chocolate House and others.

Bucharest/Sofia, 24 October 2016



5th edition: 29 OCT - 08 NOV 2016

   left until 2016 edition!

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Melon Inc Valentin Velikov 1020 Bgn
Anonymous Friend Valentin Velikov 40 Bgn
Eyes-Open Eyes-Open Valentin Velikov 200 Bgn
Eyes-Open Eyes-Open Stanimira Georgieva (Tania) 200 Bgn
Eyes-Open SRL Eyes-Open SRL Stanislav Georgiev 1000 Ron

Donations deadline: November 20th

After this date donations on the fundraising pages will not be possible any more!

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