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A typical challenge sport endurance format for 11 days combining biking and running of near 100 km per day on average without interruption. However it is much more than that. It is a conceptual event with a mission to contribute to the holistic development of individuals and society. The event is non-competitive yet the time limit for completing the full daily course (160 km on average for the biking part and 60 km for the running part) is the daylight part of the day, which at this season of the year means 8.30 h. This requires very good health status and endurance preparation of the participants. The objectives of the event are the following:

  • To promote sport, particularly outdoor activity, as an available and proven alternative of a healthy life style
  • Trough sport to develop charity culture and raise funds through the e-payment platform on the web site of the event www.1000balkan.com for those in need structured in carefully selected charity causes.
  • To connect people in a positive way beyond boundaries
  • To develope environmental consciousness planting trees but not leaving plastic bags and bottles on the way.
  • To test the human body, mind and spirit through an extreme challenge. When we cross boundaries in one aspect of our life we are inevitably prepared to do it in other aspects too.


Time - 11 days. The start is on 20th October (Sat) at 7.00 am in Bucharesti, Sector 1, Bd. Expozitiei No.1F (in front of the head office of UniCredit Bank, opposite to EXPO center) and the finish is in Bucharest on 30th October (Tue) at around 5.00 pm same place. The time to be spent in Romania is 4 days and in Bulgaria 7 days. On 23th October the group will arrive in Sofia city center at Bd. Sveta Nedelya 7 in front of the head office of UniCredit Bulbank at around 3.30 pm.



The course is extremely beautiful combining flat road along the Danube river and mountain slopes crossing the Balkan mountain. The total nominal distance is 1050 km, including 440km in Romania and 610km in Bulgaria, with 3350m positive altitude difference. The routes from Bucharest to Sofia and from Sofia to Bucharest are different and coincide with the biking and running courses as follows:

  • 1st part – 4 days biking of 640km nominally in total (160km a day), starting in Bucharest via Giurgiu and further on Romanian territory, crossing Danube River on the Calafat-Vidin bridge on the 3rd day, reaching Sofia at the end of Day 4. For more information about each day course please view here.
  • 2nd part – 7 days running 410km in total (60km a day) crossing the Danube river at Ruse – Giurgiu bridge on Day 10, reaching Bucharest at the end of Day 11. For more information about each day course please view here.


  • Super human – full 1050 km race in 11 days – up to 15 places
  • Ultra Bikeman – 640 km in 4 days – up to 20 places
  • Ultra Runman – 410 km in 7 days – up to 20 places
  • Bikeman / or Runman – single day registration – up to 10 places for all days (different from the days before and/or after Bucharest or Sofia).
  • Bikeman / or Runman – single day registration for the days before and/or after Bucharest or Sofia – no limitation.

Fund raising

Given the charity purpose of the event, each participant shall select one of the causes of the event (all causes are posted and described on the official web site) and commit on a certain amount of funds to be raised, the minimum being near EUR 150 or RON 700 or BGN 300. Each participant will have a page on the website through which he/she could run his/her campaign and raise funds. Cooperation between the participant and the beneficiary NGO is strongly recommended.

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