Participation Requirements and Fees

Basic Requirements:

  • Good physical condition and experience in long-distance running and biking
  • Declaration of assuming responsibilities for any accident during the event


Given the charity purpose of the event, each participant shall select one of the causes of the event (all causes are posted and described on the official web site) and commit on a certain amount of funds to be raised, the minimum being near EUR 150 or RON 700 or BGN 300. Each participant will have a page on the website through which he/she could run his/her campaign and raise funds. Cooperation between the participant and the beneficiary NGO is strongly recommended.

Sign-up and financial details:

Sign-up deadline: 25 October 2017, if available places.

Registration fee (including accommodation, meals, volunteer support, logistics, limited amount of energy, electrolyte and recovery products, massage, medical support):

a. Super human – EUR 350 (approximately RON 1600 or BGN 700)

b. Ultra Bikeman – EUR 120 (approximately RON 550 or BGN 240)

c. Ultra Runman – EUR 240 (approximately RON 1100 or BGN 480)

d. Bikeman / or Runman – EUR 40 (approximately RON 180 or BGN 80) for each day if requiring accommodation, meals and special support from the organizers.

Accommodation details:

The organizers will provide maximum possible logistical comfort and optimize the costs for the participants through arranging booking in advance at discounted prices from the standard rates of the convenient 3*and 4* hotels on the way. The list of hotels that are planned to be booked (some changes can occur, which will be duly communicated) is:


The organizers are taking care of securing a standard package of accommodation B&B (double room bed and breakfast) and dinner in hotels on the road in advance. The accommodation costs are included in the registration fee. For any requirements out of the standard package the organizers will support the execution and the participants shall cover the costs.

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