1000 km Balkan is a cross-border endurance sport and charity event. It lasts for 11 days combining biking and running of near 100 km per day on average without interruption.

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Rumen Ignatov

My name is Rumen and I am privileged to be a participant and fundraiser for the 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge. Since the first time I have heard about the 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge, I have wanted to join the event and give my share to this noble cause behind it. For family or work reasons, so far I have participated only in the running sections.

This year I would like to make the bike course form Bucharest to Sofia and raise funds for the DECHITSA Foundation, helping kids form institutions to adapt and gain social and other skills. My hobby is sports but what better way to practice your hobby than to do it for charity. I sincerely hope and believe all the people that read this message shall respond with their hearts and contribute to this noble foundation cause. And yes, the kids ARE our future. Let us make them be the better version of us.


Rumen Ignatov
Ultra Bikeman

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