1000 km Balkan is a cross-border endurance sport and charity event. It lasts for 11 days combining biking and running of near 100 km per day on average without interruption.

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Services provided
by the organizers

Given the level of hardship and length of the event the organizers aim to provide comfort, convenience and a broad range of technical, medical, nutrition and logistical support. The main services, but not limited to, that will be provided during the whole course are as follows:

  1. Medical support during the whole race.
  2. Sport massages by an experienced kineto therapist, whose sessions will be limited to 30 minutes after the race day with priority given to the people registered for the whole distance or longer distances.
  3. Special medical equipment, bandages for knees and ankles will be available in case of need, both preventive and upon injury.
  1. Nutrition and recovery expert diet and support recommendations.
  2. Certain amount of free energy and recovery products.
  3. Accommodation, breakfast and dinner.
  4. Bike transportation from Sofia to Bucharest (upon arrangement).
  5. Refreshments and lunch on the road (water, beverages, fruits and food).
  6. Luggage and people transportation on the road.
  7. Volunteers’ support on the road.
  8. Other needed logistics related to the event.
  9. Branded technical running backpack for those participants registered for at least one full day.
  10. Technical support of the fund raising campaign through the official web site of the event.
  11. Memory souvenir for those successfully completing at least one full day course at the end of the race.
  12. Photographs taken by experienced photographers and daily update of a visual story line on the events web site and/or Facebook page.