1000 km Balkan is a cross-border endurance sport and charity event. It lasts for 11 days combining biking and running of near 100 km per day on average without interruption.

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Bogdan Popa

Each journey starts with one step and with each new step you will learn something new, see new places, meet new persons, make new friends and many more.
This will be my longest journey, the journey 1000 km Balkan Charity Challenge. There will be 11th race days in which we will make together 1000km all for helping The Association of Autist Children’s Parents from Botosani Autism Botosani. I thank you for reading this and for each donation that you make 🙂

“It’s all about walking that extra mile when everyone else has abandoned the race.”

Bogdan Popa
Super Human
CHARITY CAUSE: Autism Botosani

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Donation goal € 1000.00
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1 05.02.2020 Radu Neagu Romania €15
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5 24.10.2019 Jianu Claudia Romania €8
6 16.10.2019 Solomons Romania €21