1000 km Balkan is a cross-border endurance sport and charity event. It lasts for 11 days combining biking and running of near 100 km per day on average without interruption.

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1000 Balkan Charity Challenge, 28-29 October

1000 Balkan Charity Challenge, 28-29 October

28 October, day 10

Donations: € 14,298
Daily distance: 59.5 km running
Total distance: 995 km

Today we enjoyed nice weather again which will probably stay the same on the last day tomorrow. Lucky we, if there is such thing as Luck at all.

We crossed the Danube river and finished the day in Romania. We were supported by Chavdar and Canyon Creek organizers in finding kinetic therapist critical for recovering and being able to continue. Very nice guys.

Tomorrow is the last day of 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge, 7th edition.
We will start at 7.30 am from Daia village and are expected to finish at around 5.30 pm in front of Unicredit Bank HO in Bucharest.

Than we will see how many people, if at all, will do the whole distance without any interruption.

29 October, day 11

Donations: € 15,515
Total distance: 1056 km
Total calories burnt per person for the whole distance: 60,000.

1000 Balkan Charity Challenge 2019 is over. I would not afford to pollute your information radar if it were a simple and rude self-assertion. We do things that we like (open-air sport), we stretch our body, mind and spirit far beyond ordinary limits just because we want to attract your attention. Why? To put so missing humanity in the center of this attention.

Like the berries of the grape we are doomed to live together and grow or perish together. Compassion and solidarity are higher ranked traits and motivation and are necessary conditions for a developed collective consciousness. We are much less how we look, where we are born or what is our age. WE ARE much more WHAT WE DO.

If you admire us for what we did please donate for the various groups of disadvantaged children that we are fundraising for. This window of opportunity closes at the end of November.