1000 km Balkan is a cross-border endurance sport and charity event. It lasts for 11 days combining biking and running of near 100 km per day on average without interruption.

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1000 Balkan Charity Challenge, 25-27 October

1000 Balkan Charity Challenge, 25-27 October

25 October, day 7

Donations: € 11,752
Daily distance: 69 km running
Total distance: 826 km

Health status: generally good, a person “in the box” for swollen knees and ankles, blisters, black nails and growing fatigue – a real 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge. Who says that Life is easy?

It was the longest running distance of 69 km today which makes it critical for health proof. Even tempo and slow but planned speed for me. Cristi Casacu was fast reaching the finish line well before the main group. Hope he saves his body and energy till the end. Massages are critical. Thank you Calin, Niki.

1000Balkan is strategic game. To make it all successfully one needs trained body, but also willpower, strong inner motivation, discipline, friend’s support, proper recovery, food intake, energy products, empty mind – a metaphor for high life performance. Who wants to be average?

Fresh running blood is pouring to us with Hiroko, Denis, Sonia, Claudia and Nicoleta joining us for the weekend.

Do not stop supporting us. Again, big thanks to those who have already donated and strong appeal and encouragement to those who have not donated to do it at their family budget level. This is how active social consciousness is being built. Then it is matter of critical mass.

26 October, day 8

Donations: € 12,000
Daily distance: 55 km running
Total distance: 881 km

Beautiful day and 8.30 h run starting in Pleven. There are less than 180 km and 3 days left to the finish.
Friends from Romania joined us for the weekend run. Knees start hurting and blister management is key.

Spending all these days at open air is such a bliss. The colors of the fall, the all-embracing sound of crickets, the piercing scream of the hawks, the warmth and the yellow nuances of the sun – the Nature is here, bigger than us… and cannot be seen from offices.

We watered a ginkgo biloba tree that we planted at the 1st edition of 1000 Balkan. We met and made friendly pictures with motorcyclist rockers and road prostitutes. Such a variety and destinies.

1000 Balkan is much more than endurance sport. It is compassion, exploration, mission.

27 October, day 9

Donations: € 13,401
Daily distance: 57 km running with 700 m positive altitude difference
Total distance: 938 km

Hills, hills, hills. More injury victims. Friends. Sun and vitamin D. Stride after stride… and again and again.
2 days left and slightly more than 120 km.

Tomorrow we will pass via Ruse (around 12.00 at the Ruse sign at the entrance from Sofia). We will cross the border and finish in Daia village in Romania. We expect to finish on Tue at around 5.30 pm in Bucharest in front of the HO of Unicredit Bank.