1000 km Balkan is a cross-border endurance sport and charity event. It lasts for 11 days combining biking and running of near 100 km per day on average without interruption.

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1000 Balkan Charity Challenge new web site was awarded at the 2019 BG site annual contest by the jury and the public as one of the best web sites with a cause. We would like to thank Toni and Mitaka for their creativity and hard work.

1000 Balkan is a complex charity challenge format where each participant is an ambassador of a certain charity cause carefully preselected and will exerts enormous efforts to bike over 160 km a day or run 60 km a day for a period of 11 days and pass a total of 1050 km.

The fundraising campaign of 1000 Balkan has already started. Over € 7000 have already been raised. All charity causes support children in various disadvantaged groups.