1000 km Balkan is a cross-border endurance sport and charity event. It lasts for 11 days combining biking and running of near 100 km per day on average without interruption.

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1000 Balkan Charity Challenge, 22-24 October

1000 Balkan Charity Challenge, 22-24 October

22 October, day 4

Biking is over: 640 km with 4000 m positive altitude difference.

1000 Balkan challengers were welcomed at Unicredit Bulbank by officials of the Romanian embassy in Sofia, Unicredit Bulbank and all 3 Bulgarian 1000 Balkan causes officials – Dechitsa, Jamba and MultiKulti.

All of them played horo dance, ate homemade pita bread with honey, tested the yami Arabic sweets and met a lot of friends.

At the evening 1000 Balkan challengers had a nice Arabic food dinner prepared by Freddie, a MultiKulti activist.

The organizers would like to thank to the perfect security service of Sofia Police Office escorting bikers  when entering Sofia.

23 October, day 5

A group of about 30 runners started from Sofia at 8.00 am.

It was a hard day, 55 km mostly uphill, switch from biking to running muscles, far from enough sleep and hot weather.

Everybody is fine. No injuries.

Please be active as donors or promoters of 1000 Balkan charity cusses, if you like what challengers are doing.

24 October, day 6

Donations are more then 10 000 euro (higher than the whole amount raised in the previous edition).

Daily distance: 62 km running

Total distance: 757 km

Very hot weather for a whole day running. After the first 36 km today, runners enjoyed the shadow of an old gas station. Everybody did the distance yet first injuries are coming up.

Tomorrow is the longest distance of 68 km running to Pleven.

Boost the energy of your favorite athlete, by a donation for the charity causes!