1000 km Balkan is a cross-border endurance sport and charity event. It lasts for 11 days combining biking and running of near 100 km per day on average without interruption.

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The 7th edition of 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge

The 7th edition of 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge

1000 Balkan is a complex charity challenge format where each participant is an ambassador of a certain charity cause carefully preselected and will exerts enormous efforts to bike over 160 km a day or run 60 km a day for a period of 11 days and pass a total of 1050 km.

The fundraising campaign of 1000 Balkan has already started. Over € 7000 have already been raised. All charity causes support children in various disadvantaged groups.

The best way to support participants is to donate to their causes.

Bulgarian causes are Jamba, Dechitsa and Multikulti.

Romanian causes are Faborisa, Autism Botosani, Magicamp and The Social Incubator.

Day 1:1000 Balkan Charity Challenge started on 19 October at 7.00 from Bucharest with 25 people.

190 km were biked to Turnu Magurele. The weather was warm and quite which let participants to make a record of this route and have more time to rest.

Gingko biloba tree and the 2 meta sequoia trees which 1000 Balkan participants planted in previous editions in front of the head office of Unicredit Bank in Bucharest are in very good shape.

The bank is supporting 1000 Balkan Charity Challenge as a main sponsor from the very beginning.

Day 2: Another 190 km done. Sunny weather. High spirit.

Matei from Turnu Magurele biked with challengers. Then Guner from Iceland joined the team to Sofia (his initial target being to bike from Belgrade to Bucharest, now he will make it via Sofia).

Challengers crossed the border and entered Bulgarian territory.

Donations are growing fast.

Photos by Radu Cristi